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Bringing art by local artists and residents to you and your neighbors’ front yards!


As part of the Cleveland Foundation’s annual Creative Fusion residency, The MetroHealth System’s Department of Arts in Health in collaboration with LAND studio hosted a call for artists, designers, and artistically inclined persons of all ages and skill levels to develop designs that will be printed on yard signs for display primarily in Cleveland’s Clark Fulton neighborhood. Eight of the submitted designs were chosen for use on the yard signs and are now in production! All submitted designs are viewable in our online art gallery.


One purpose of this project is to elevate the voices of local artists, both established and aspiring, through a public art project that allows everyone to participate. Artists were encouraged to address issues that are affecting Clark Fulton and Greater Cleveland in 2021, possibly including the coronavirus crisis, protests related to the Black Lives Matter movement, or the importance of civic engagement by participating in local and national elections.


Eight of the submitted designs have been selected for the yard signs, and 100 of each design are being printed on signs measuring 18 by 24 inches. Beginning in May, the signs will be available for free to residents who want to place the signs in their yards or other publicly viewable locations, such as on a balcony. Click HERE if you would like to help with the distribution or what information about how to get a sign for your yard! The signs will be designed to stay in place for up to four months.

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